Energy Tools

Master the technologies that will allow you to access the knowledge and understanding of how this reality actually works - break through the illusion of your programming into the freedom and power of direct knowledge based on your own realtime (nowtime) experience - Transcend the quest for health, happiness and well-being - Be the master that you are.

Learning and practicing the technologies taught at Monday Night Workshops will lead to the consciousness that enables you to access your own knowledge and power and get back into the drivers seat of your life - move beyond beliefs into direct knowledge - understand how this reality actually works and who's really in charge - YOU.

Begin to create your life consciously from preference.

This information and instruction will soon be available in book, DVD and dowbloadable digital formats.

Move beyond the pursuit of good health into the arena of raising the frequencies of your physical, mental and emotional bodies – Re-member who you really are – Contact your Support Team – Enjoy your spirit family – Take control of your life.
Experience your expanding self…

Experience the perfection that is always present in your life – move beyond disease, negative emotions and limiting beliefs – beyond confusion into certainty…
Experience love, freedom and peace now…

The Transformational Workout: (DVD and Manual Available soon) – Free the physical, mental and emotional bodies of all restrictions - catapult to a higher level of integration and function – strengthen your body, focus your mind and calm your emotions – re-create yourself – open up a whole new realm of experience.

Belief System Restructuring: Master Your Mind - Learn to observe your feelings and the thinking that causes them. Change your beliefs, change your thinking - change your life. Learn to move beyond beliefs into freedom, knowingness, awareness and certainty.

Mer-Ka-Ba Activation Meditation: Clear, activate, accelerate and transform your energy fields into a coherent pattern of your expanding being – open up a whole new realm of experience – begin of a new adventure – take the next step.

This technology is one of the four Metatron Ascension Technologies that open up and help you develop your ability to inter-dimensional translocate - an essential component of ascension.

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm with breaks for tea and social time - it's the fastest 3 hour workshop you've ever experienced - really!

Venue: 'the Healing Business', 161 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham, Auckland - Upstairs at the Okra Cafe on corner of Sandringham Rd and Ethyl St
Register: The Healing Business -Mobile - 021 936 033
Investment: $100
No one Turned Away - Koha - Donations Gratefully Accepted





The Healing Business is an empowering transformational and healing experience created by Dr Tony Minervino D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, B.S., Psychology, Cert. Neuro-Linguistics.