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Dr Tony is a Chiropractor, Light Body Healer, Teacher and Transformational Technologist.

Tony was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut in New England, U.S.A., just 90 minutes outside of New York City. He received his undergraduate education at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. (B.S.-Psychology), University of Virginia (Pre- Med), Western Evangelical Seminary (Theology), and New York College of Chiropractic (D.C. – Doctor of Chiropractic). He also has a strong background in metaphysics, comparative religions, anthropology, philosophy, and consciousness and awareness technologies.

He served as the director of several successful chiropractic and healing centers in the United States: San Diego (1979-1989), Waterbury, Connecticut (1989-1996), San Diego (1996-2000).

In 1994 he earned his certification in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), and began to explore the role of consciousness in health and healing, and in the quality of life a person is experiencing. His clinical research led to the conclusion that “Unless there is a shift in consciousness, there is no true healing, only fixing.”

In 1996 Tony met Hopi Elder Grandfather Banyacya who told him that the animals were coming to teach him and spirit was coming to teach him and then he will teach.

1996 was a transformational year - Tony developed and practiced three healing technologies: Light Body Healing, Transformational Workout, Belief System Restructuring and started to practice Merkaba Activation Meditation, which he learned from Drunvalo Melchizedek - Together the practice of these technologies strengthen the body, clear and focus the mind, restore and maintain coherence in the energy fields and raise one’s frequency - opening up new expanded fields of perception - he calls these four technologies Metatron Ascension Technology.

As his perception expanded Tony began to see energy fields and this confirmed his theory that all life and all things were connected and really One - aspects of the All - this significantly shifted his understanding and he began working in the energy fields of his chiropractic patients as well as addressing the distortions and fixations in their physical body, teaching and encouraging exercise, teaching them how to free themselves of their limiting mental programing, and clear their own energy fields - essentially teach them how to heal themselves - the only true healing.

In 1998 where he presented at a Star Knowledge Conference in Sedona Arizona, Grandmother Chandra of the Sioux Nation declared that Dr Tony is the Light Body Healer that has come to heal the light bodies of the Nations - every hair on his body stood on end.

In June of 2000 Tony met with Hopi Elder Grandfather Gashweseoma who taught him the Hopi Prophecies, the journey of the Hopi Nation from living beneath the Earth to being granted permission of once again living on the surface of the Earth - and their prophecies of the “End Times” and the coming of the New Age and creation of the “New World.”

In the same month he visited the Yankton Sioux reservation in Marty South Dakota at the invitation of Standing Elk, head chief of the Sioux and there went through the ceremonies and tests that made him a Pipe Carrier for the Sioux and was granted the Teaching Feather in the Twelfth Altar of the Sioux Spiritual Path.

Tony met his first extra-terrestrial when he was 7yo, a 7foot “Red Bird Man,” who identified himself as a bio-geneticist from the Central Sun and said it was interesting to see his old mentor as a young Earth child, said he must be very lonely here and advised him to be patient and assured him that in time he would meet more like himself.

In 1993 he had a face to face meeting with the Zeta Reticuli, which open up a new dimension of understanding.

In January, 1996 he met with Gabriel (known as Gabriel the Arc Angel) inter-dimensionally, and recognized him immediately as the man he picked up along the highway during a blizzard outside of Colorado Springs in l971 - Gabriel 2 days later took him to meet an assemblage of Ascended Masters in another dimension - in April Gabriel appeared again and put me through daily training exercises in recognizing the inner nature of all beings.

Over the years Tony has had many inter-dimensional experiences, meeting ancestors, beings known as Angels and Ascended Masters, extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional beings, and has come to understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality and of his being - in other dimensions they do not know him as Dr Tony.

Tony relocated his home to New Zealand in 2000, living on a farm block in Kaitaia until 2005, conducting a private healing practice and participating in many ‘Healing Wanangas’ at Maori Maraes in Auckland and the Far North of New Zealand.

For the past 7 years he has been living in Auckland where he conducts a private healing practice, teaches advanced healing principles at the ‘Monday Night Workshops’, co-facilitates the Friday Night ‘Forum’, and does extensive public speaking on the subject of healing, transformation and creating your life consciously according to preference, with integrity, in love.

Tony is in the formulation stage of writing several books on healing, transformation and consciousness, and about the true multi-dimensional nature of reality - from his point of view, of course.

Tony's favorite pastime is hanging with his 14 yo son, Kiel – his teacher, friend, student and a light in his life.

The Healing Business is an empowering transformational and healing experience created by Dr Tony Minervino D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, B.S., Psychology, Cert. Neuro-Linguistics.