How you will benefit from the Monday Night Workshops

  1. Integrate your values with your vision, passion, and purpose

  2. Commit to your goals and be flexible in your strategies

  3. Enhance your relationships with yourself and others

  4. Understand the importance of language and how it insluences what shows up in your life

  5. Learn how judging a situation interferes with flow

  6. Notice when you're not feeling the way you want to feel and changing the beliefs and thinking that are creating your experience - create yourself being excited about your life and grateful for your abundance

  7. Let go of stress and anxiety - be peaceful, centered, focused and excited

  8. Be present to your life, feel the energies that are around you and become a master at changing the frequency of your reality

  9. Employ the energies of confidence, optimism, purpose, presence, and appreciation

  10. Empowerment and motivation

  11. achieve goals and objectives with less effort and without stress by working in  harmony with your true nature

  12. experience more fulfillment in your life, your relationships and your work

  13. Experience your excitement shifting the people and situations around you - creating your life consciously from preference with integrity

  14. your vision, your life, your reality will expand as your consciousness expands

The Healing Business is an empowering transformational and healing experience created by Dr Tony Minervino D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, B.S., Psychology, Cert. Neuro-Linguistics.