ET-Human Interaction

The "abduction" scenario is only one aspect of the ET-Human interaction that is occurring on the planet.

And, I understand your apprehension about the future - things are definitely going to be different than we would project based on our our past experience.

There are, however, other, and not so well publicized, aspects of ET-Human interaction.

One example is the relationship that the Sioux have with the Star Nations.

I carry a pipe for the Sioux, and it was only in the context of experiencing the initiation that confirmed my "pipe carrier" status that I came to understand that the "medicine men and women" are all trained by what they call the Star Nations, who give them an essential part of their knowledge.

I, myself, have had experiences with ET's, though not of an abduction type.

My experiences have involved dialogue, debriefing, training and encouragement to carry on with my contribution to the shift that is taking place on the planet - a waking up, if you will, to the bigger picture of what's taking place, not just here, but in the larger framework.

Humanity is ready to graduate from it's infancy and adolescence into young adulthood.

It's a good thing, but to ease the transition we have to let go of some of our unfounded beliefs about the way things are so we can begin to see and understand what's really present.

These are exciting times, and great changes are upon us. If we release our fear, if we let go of the belief that things can go wrong, this will be a most exciting experience, a most illuminating journey.

But whether or not we let go of our fear, we are going to take this ride into the future - it is our destiny.

I look forward to future interaction.

Love Ya,


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