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Monday Night Workshop

I am available to give requested workshops to interested groups.

Remove the mental programs that are creating what you don’t want and interfering with your creating what you do want – free your mind. Every aspect of your life is a reflection of your consciousness – shift your consciousness and transform every area of your life – physical, mental and emotional – personal, social and business. There is no thing that shows up in your life that you cannot transform.

Mastering your mind is essential to your health, wealth and well-being.

This technology is one of the four Metatron Ascension Technologies that open up and help you develop your ability to inter-dimensional translocate - an essential component of ascension.

the Healing Business...
Without a shift in consciousness there is no healing - only fixing.

The Healing business offers on-site and remote healing for all types of diseases, discomforts and life style situations.

Shift from the consciousness creating your present problems - mental, physical, emotional, business, relationship, lifestyle - to the consciousness that creates what you choose to experience.

Get back into the drivers seat of your life.

- Be present to your choices.

- Be present to your feelings

- Be present to your life.

- Move into a new dimension of power and freedom.

- Is it time to be free?

Find out more about the Healing Business.

The Healing Business is an empowering transformational and healing experience created by Dr Tony Minervino D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, B.S., Psychology, Cert. Neuro-Linguistics.

Dr Tony Minervino is a Chiropractor and has an extensive background in psychology, philosophy,
anthropology, theology, metaphysics and comparative religions, and is certified in Network Spinal Analysis and Neurolinguistics.
He holds the Gate of Sound, Light and Vibration in the Four Doors of Metatron, and is a Pipe Carrier for the Sioux Nation.

Dr Tony holds the teaching feather in the Twelfth Altar on the Red Path - the Star Altar,
recognizing his access to the Star Nations.

In 1998 Grandmother Chandra of the Sioux declared:

"Dr Tony is the Light Body Healer who has come to heal the light bodies of the nations."